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What wisdom or research will guide your teachers? What do you hope students will take away from your program? How is this program different from a traditional preschool?


This project will help you to understand and apply the different theories regarding educational development. Applying this knowledge to this task will deepen the meaningfulness of the theoretical material. 




Scenario: You are part of a preschool board that has just been awarded a large grant to design a new preschool in your area. The institution awarding the grant has asked that you design an alternative preschool. You have one week to put together a presentation to address the areas listed below and secure the next phase of your grant.


Compile all the information into a PowerPoint presentation. Write and design a professional presentation as though it were for a professional audience. Estimated length of the presentation is 10-12 slides, including a title slide and a reference slide. The reference slide should include all sources used in APA format


In your presentation, include the following:


1. First, decide upon a guiding philosophy for your program.  You are free to choose any model(s) from the following list (all found in your textbook):




· Piaget


· Vygotsky (apprentices/scaffolding)


· Sternberg (successful intelligence)


· Gardner  (multiple intelligence)


· Head Start


Use your textbook as a starting point and then find at least three other sources on this model/theory.  After doing all this research, summarize your school’s guiding philosophy in 100-150 words on the first slide after a title slide.


What wisdom or research will guide your teachers?  What do you hope students will take away from your program?  How is this program different from a traditional preschool?  Remember to properly cite and give credit for direct quotes and paraphrased material.  


2. Next, you will get into the specifics. How does this philosophy translate into your day-to-day program? Address the following specific areas:




· What is the name of your school? What is the significance of this name and how does it reflect your philosophy?


· What is the physical layout of your school? In other words, what will your school look like?  E.g., Number of rooms, What learning and play materials will be present?  Remember to explain how these choices reflect your chosen philosophy.


· What will a typical day look like at your preschool?  In other words, what is the schedule/agenda?  How does this typical school day reflect your chosen philosophy?


· Lastly, design an activity that a preschool teacher might have in their classroom. Make sure this activity is within the framework of your school philosophy. Compare this activity to that of a “traditional” preschool activity – how are the two tasks different?  What are the benefits of the “alternative” preschool activity?




This assignment is worth 20 points.  This assignment will be graded based on the completeness, accuracy, and quality of how each required component above is addressed.


· The philosophy of your program (your explanation of its foundation) is worth 30%.


· The day-to-day specifics of your alternative preschool program is worth 50%.


· The professionalism of your presentation will be worth 10%.


· Your writing and adherence to APA format is worth 10%. Written assignments require both in-text citation and full references. This is how you let the reader know where you obtained your information. Quoted material and paraphrased material require the use of in-text citation and full reference. For assistance with this requirement, see  APA Format is a MUST .

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