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Why is Knowing the Environment so necessary and vital to Success?

Assignment 1:   


Why is Knowing the Environment so necessary and vital to Success?


Chapter 3 of  The Success Book by Dr. Matthew Collins was fascinating. Understanding the environment is indispensable for success as it facilitates adaptability, risk management, opportunity identification, effective decision-making, and relationship building. By comprehending the context in which they operate, individuals and organizations can adjust their strategies to changing circumstances, mitigate risks, and capitalize on emerging opportunities, ultimately gaining a competitive advantage. Informed decision-making, guided by a deep understanding of the environment, leads to better outcomes and long-term success. Moreover, navigating social and cultural dynamics within the environment enables the establishment of meaningful relationships with stakeholders, which is essential for sustained success. Knowing the environment lays the groundwork for informed action, fostering resilience, innovation, and growth (Glazer, 2019).


The two friends’ story at the end was my favorite because they reminded me of my husband and myself. I am the jump with both feet and ask for directions on the way down kind of person, and my husband is a plan, re-plan, research, confirm research, then wait, and finally act type. It’s important to be aware of what’s happening in the world around us, especially in today’s constant information overload, with “misinformation and disinformation being shoved at us from various media outlets” (p.34). Dr. Collins makes a great point about this in his book, emphasizing that knowing your environment is crucial. I will admit that while I was not “today’s years old”, I did find out a few years ago that we are not a democracy but, in fact, a Constitutional Republic, and it was informative how he explained the difference. Also, while I do not know who Sergeant Slaughter was, I am not ashamed to say that I was a Macho Man Randy Savage fan.




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Assignment 2:   


“With active citizenship, community collaboration, and informed interest in governmental public policy issues on the wane these days, it is even more important that you are kept in the know. In today’s social media saturated world, replete with myriad electronic distractions, there seems to be little, or no, real sustained interest, outside of the election cycle, and how our society is being run and governed.” (Collins, 2018, p. 34)


So, I hardly believe in coincidences, but, referencing the above quote, what is the coincidence that I was just having this conversation with my wife this evening? You see, I am studying for my Florida Civic Literacy Exam (FCLE), a requirement we all must fulfill if you haven’t already, and my test is this Friday. I was expressing to her that I felt nervous about the test. I have worked in law enforcement and was in the Marine Corps; I have taken numerous classes from high school into college on the subjects of U.S. government, law, history, etc., and yet, I am nervous about taking a test on the basic functions of my own government? My wife said, “Oh, it seems as though the state wants to make sure they only give degrees to informed U.S. citizens”; and she’s right! How can she not be? Our governor has ensured that through legislature we are expected as citizens to be knowledgeable of the innerworkings of our government and political environment!


Our chapter this week addresses just that. How can we be truly successful in maximizing our potential if we are not able to locate ourselves within our political environment? The author often says things like, “Th[is] needs to end!” (Collins, 2018, p.33), “Th[is] is shameful!” (Collins, 2018, p.34), “Wake up to reality!” (Collins, 2018, p. 35). The emphasis here is to make yourself alert. Go against the grain of society and think for yourself! Most citizens conform to the popular ideas handed to them by our government leaders, and said leaders want you to latch on! Be your own person. Know how to discern fact from fiction, thinkers from believers, and yourself from all others.




Collins, M. (2018). The success book. Outskirts Press.

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