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Written Feedback – Classifying Exercise

Module 7: Assignment: Written Feedback – Classifying Exercise


This activity has its objective to classify in order of importance the different ways of communication via the internet, according to what you studied in point i.




· You will classify, in order of importance, the different ways to communicate through the internet, using the studied content from point i.


· On a Word document, establish the order of importance of the following ways of communication on the internet:


· Instant Messaging


· VoIP and Internet Phone System


· Email


· Internet Relay Chat


· Videoconferencing


· Wireless Communications and SMS


· Discuss why you classified the ways of communication on the internet in that way.


· Your written feedback must be between  300 and 800 words.


· Your written feedback must be from your authorship.  Do not copy or quote anything from the module or the internet.


Be sure to review the  academic expectations  for your submission.

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