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BY DAY 5 Respond to two or more of your colleagues’ posts in one or more of the following ways: Relate any similarities between your results and those of your colleague. Res


Respond to two or more of your colleagues’ posts in one or more of the following ways:

  • Relate any similarities between your results and those of your colleague.
  • Respectfully pose one or two questions to your colleague about their results that may provide them with further insight or opportunity for reflection.
  • Provide one or two additional suggestions for your colleague to consider as action items based on their results. 
  • Add at least one resource

John Kaiser

YesterdayMar 27 at 4:36pm

Manage Discussion Entry

My Words

1. Confident

2. Clever

3. Dependable

4. Knowledge

5. Witty

My Wife’s words

1. Confident

2. Clever

3. Dependable

4. Loving

5. Proud

Open Area

1. Confident

2. Clever

3. Dependable

Blind Area

1. Loving

2. Proud

Hidden Area

1. Knowledgeable

2. Witty

Unknown Area

1. Trustworthy

2. Helpful

As I look at the results of the Johari Window, I see that my wife and I have similar results regarding the adjectives we selected. The results did not surprise either of us, but I was happy to know she chose the word loving to describe one of my five words. Being credible is something we discuss throughout our marriage and something we strive to be better at. To become more credible, one should demonstrate honesty and integrity in everything one does (Emerald Works Limited, n.d.). We have started 5-minute daily discussions in the morning to improve communication. Since starting this, we each feel more included about what is happening in the other's lives and strengthen our relationship.

One specific action I am taking to reduce my blind spot is to recognize myself as a proud person. I do not see myself as proud, but I plan to reflect on this adjective and move it into my open area category. Also, I would like to bring trustworthy out of my unknown category. Being trustworthy is an essential characteristic I would like to develop and be recognized for.


Demarco Jones

TuesdayMar 26 at 9:34pm

Manage Discussion Entry

Hi Class,

Interpersonal communication is a fundamental aspect of human interaction, influencing relationship quality andcollaboration effectiveness. One significant factor shaping interpersonal communication is individuals' personal characteristics, including their self-perception, communication style, and ability to connect with others. In this discussion, we will explore the role of personal characteristics in interpersonal communication, utilizing insights from academic literature and practical resources.

List of Self-Descriptors and Peer-Selected Descriptors:

In considering my self-descriptors and those selected by a peer, I have identified several key characteristics that contribute to my interpersonal communication style. From my perspective, I see myself as empathetic, analytical, adaptable, assertive, and reliable. My peers also describe me as empathetic, adaptable, trustworthy, articulate, and confident.

Comparison with the Johari Window:

Drawing upon the concepts outlined in the Johari Window, we can analyze how these descriptors fit into the four quadrants of self-awareness and perception. The descriptors chosen by both myself and my peer align with the Open Area. They represent qualities known to both parties and contribute positively to interpersonal communication. Additionally, some descriptors may reside in the Blind Area, highlighting aspects of myself that others perceive but I may not know. Exploring these perceptions can lead to greater self-awareness and an understanding of communication dynamics.

Analysis of Results:

Upon reflection, I find that the descriptors selected by my peer resonate with how I see myself, indicating a congruence in how I present myself to others. However, there were some surprises, particularly in identifying qualities that others perceive but I may not be aware. This highlights the importance of soliciting feedback and maintaining open communication channels to gain insights into how others perceive us.

Identified Action Steps:

I intend to take specific actions in the Hidden and Unknown Quadrants of the Johari Window. I aim to reduce my Hidden Area by engaging in more open and transparent communication. I will share personal thoughts and experiences with trusted colleagues. Additionally, I will seek to further understand my Blind Area by actively soliciting feedback from peers and reflecting on their perceptions of me. Finally, I intend to explore my Unknown Area by stepping out of my comfort zone. I will take on new challenges, embracing opportunities for self-discovery and growth.

Integration of Resources:

To support our discussion, I have incorporated insights from several reputable resources. Grenny (2022) emphasizes the importance of effective communication and managing crucial conversations, highlighting the impact of personal filters on communication dynamics. Miller (2022) explores filters further, discussing their influence on listening and communication behaviors. Additionally, Emerald Works Limited provides valuable resources on building rapport and self-disclosure, underscoring the significance of these practices in fostering meaningful connections and trust in interpersonal relationships.

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