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Great teachers advocate for the lives of children and their families with the ‘wrap-around services’ that are available in their communities. Providing guidance, information, an


Great  teachers advocate for the lives of children and their families with the  "wrap-around services" that are available in their communities.  Providing guidance, information, and access to these services is one way  to support them. Very often, families are unaware of the multitude of  support services that are available to them- free of charge. Your job is  to steer them toward these agencies.

Attached is a list of community resources in the Haywood County area.

Your assignment is to compile a  list of these services with phone numbers/web addresses in your area (Elizabeth City, NC)  that you can distribute to anyone that needs it. You may use the sample  as a template and just change the phone numbers.

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Haywood County Resources

Alcohol or Substance Abuse

AA Hotline 800.524.0465

Al-Anon 800.286.1326

Alateen 800.286.1326

Alcohol/Drug Council of NC 800.688.4232

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Hotline 800.662.4357

Gateway 828.456.1977

Life Center 828.627.5433

Long’s Chapel Celebrate Recovery 828.456.3993

Meridian 828.456.9258

Life Challenge (residential) 828.226.0073

Smoky Mountain Center 828.452.9452

WNC Family Counseling 828.648.8052

Basic Needs

American Red Cross 828.456.8141

Angel Food Ministries 828.235.9550

Baptist Relief Center 828.452.3402

Haywood Christian Ministries 828.456.4838

Haywood Co. Dept. of Social Services 828.452.6620

Haywood Public Transit 828.452.1447

Manna Food Bank 828.299.3663

Open Door Soup Kitchen 828.452.3846

Salvation Army 828.456.7111

The Community Kitchen (Canton) 828.646.8510

United Way 828.452.2005

Within REACH Resale Shop 828.454.5998


Camp New Life 828.452.4749

Haywood County Schools 828.456.2400

Head Start 828.454.4546

Southwestern Child Development 828.456.4473

Child Safety Car Seats

Clyde Fire Department 828.452.6600

Health Department 828.452.6675

Child Abuse/Neglect

KARE 828.456.8995

Haywood County DSS 828.452.6620


Haywood Christian Ministry 828.456.4838

The Open Door 828.452.3846

Salvation Army 828.456.7111

Within REACH – Waynesville 828.454.5998

Within REACH – Canton 828.648.8183


On Track Financial & Educational Counseling 828.737.5485


AB Tech Dental Clinic 828.254.1921

Haywood County Dental Clinic 828.452.6701

MAHEC 828.252.4290

Urgent Care – behind hospital 828.452.8354

Urgent Care – West 828.452.8890

Domestic Violence

REACH 828.456.7898

Domestic Violence Hotline 800.799.7233

DSS 828.799.6620

KARE 828.456.8995


Haywood County Schools 828.456.2400

Adult Education, GED, or ESL

Haywood Community College 828.627.2821

Haywood County Literacy Council 828.452.1695

Mountain Projects 828.452.1447

Employment/Job Training

Haywood County JobLink 828.456.6061

Manpower 828.452.1494

Haywood Community College/Goodwill 828.246.9233

For Persons with Disabilities

The ARC 828.452.1980

Haywood Vocational Opportunities 828.456.4455

NC Vocational Rehabilitation 828.456.3111

Elder Care

Haywood County DSS 828.452.6620

Mountain Projects 828.452.1447

Family Support

Communicate Associates (Spanish) 828.926.4291

Domestic Violence Task Force 828.452.6672

ESL/Migrant Programs 828.456.2400 ext. 127

Family Resource Center 828.586.2845

Haywood Community Connections 828.452.2370

KARE (Kids Advocacy Resource Effort) 828.456.8995

Mountain Mediation Center 828.452.0240

REACH 828.456.7898

Region A Partnership 828.586.0661

Safe Place Visitation 828.456.4473

Volunteer Center 828.456.6456


Feed My Sheep Food Pantry 828.452.2413

Grace Episcopal Church Food Pantry 828.452.2172

Haywood Baptist Association 828.627.9155

Haywood Christian Ministry 828.456.4838

MANNA Food Bank 828.299.3663

The Open Door 828.452.3846

Rose of Sharon Missions 828.648.9366

Salvation Army 828.456.7111

Housing Assistance

Habitat for Humanity 828.452.7960

Haywood Restoration House 828.400.1733

Mountain Projects 828.452.1447

Waynesville Housing Authority 828.456.6377

Human Services

Haywood County DSS 828.452.6620

Mountain Projects 828.452.1447

United Way 828.452.2005

Legal Help/Conflict Resolution

Dept. of Juvenile Justice 828.456.7265

Guardian Ad Litem 828.454.6513

Identity Theft Helpline 877.438.4338

Legal Aid of NC 828.586.8931

Mountain Mediation 828.452.0240


Haywood County Literacy Council 828.452.1695



HRMC Emergency Room 828.456.7311

Good Samaritan Clinic 828.454.5287

Haywood County Health Department 828.452.6675

Health Check/Health Choice 828.452.6620

828.452.6675 ext. 234

Hospice 828.452.8564

NC Prescription Drug Assistance Program 800.662.7030

Social Security Administration 800.772.1213

Urgent Care – behind hospital 828.452.8354

Urgent Care – West 828.452.8890


Haywood Christian Ministry 828.456.4838

Salvation Army 828.456.7111

Mental Health

The Balsam Center 828.454.1098

The Life Counseling Center 828.627.5433

Meridian 828.456.8604

Smoky Mountain Center 800.849.6127

Parenting Classes

KARE 828.456.8995

Persons with Disabilities

The ARC 828.452.1980

Pathways for the Future 828.631.1167

NC Vocational Rehabilitation 828.456.3111

Public Libraries

Canton 828.648.2924

Fines Creek 828.627.0146

Maggie Valley 828.926.0461

Waynesville 828.452.5169


Haywood County Recreation Department 828.452.4235

Waynesville Recreation Center 828.456.2030


Haywood Public Transportation 828.452.1447


Haywood Christian Ministries 828.456.4838

Mountain Projects 828.452.1447

Salvation Army 828.456.7111


Veterans Services 828.452.6634

Haywood County JobLink 828.456.6061

Voter Registration

Board of Elections 828.452.6633

Special Needs

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation 800.682.6858

Muscular Dystrophy Association 828.586.8919

NC Division of Services for the Blind 828.586.5546


Big Brothers/ Big Sisters 828.253.1470

Haywood Co. 4-H 828.456.3575

Smoky Mountain Counseling Center 828.837.7466

Asthma Information 800.822.2762

Shriners Children’s Hospital 800.237.5055

Family Support Network 800.TLC.0042


Animal Control 828.452.5338

Auto Tags 828.648.3406

Driver’s License 828.627.6969

Fire 828.456.6151

Sheriff 828.452.6666

Waynesville Police 828.456.5363

For more information can be found at or 800.662.7030.

211 is a free referral service and can be found at



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