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Think upon your class observations. How effective was the process of developing the evaluation tool to study classroom management? What would you add or do different in the future to evalua


Question 1: Think upon your class observations. How effective was the process of developing the evaluation tool to study classroom management? What would you add or do different in the future to evaluate this better in a classroom? 

Question 2: How can an educational leaders support classroom management from evaluation activities or large/summative data analysis? Are there best strategies that you think leaders could employ? 

Use examples of best research to support


Barbara Maclure

Keiser University

Classroom management

Dr. Thompson

Classroom Management Sheet

1. Physical Environment

The face-to-face classroom has an adequate seating arrangement, there is enough space for the teacher and the students to move freely. The classroom was clutter-free and there was enough temperature and lighting.

2. Technologies used.

Although there was not much technology in use, the classroom had assistive technologies for an impaired student.

3. Visual Aids

The teacher used visual aids to enhance learning. There were diagrams, photographs, and data charts that the teacher was using to enhance teaching. Similarly, there was a projector that was not used but it is available in the cases where students need to view a video.

4. Teacher Actions

The teacher was effective in delivering instructions to the keen students, some methods such as questions and answers were used in the class and students participated fully in answering questions and asking the teacher for clarity.

5. Student Behavior

The class was well-mannered and there was no movement during the lesson. All students participated in class activities. During this class, they were engaged in modeling since it was a K-12 physics class, the teacher was careful and gave instructions to avoid explosions.

6. Assessment Feedback

The teacher was using formative assessment, where the students’ missed steps were guided back, and the teacher focused on each student independently at a time because everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

7. Overall, Class impression

Overall, the class was well-organized, learning was conducted effectively, and the teacher used the best teaching methods applicable to the class. However, the teacher can improve on several areas such as time management because the bell went off before they could finish the experiment and they had to rush it over.

Online Classroom Observed

The online classroom was for higher education first-year students who were learning introduction psychology. In almost all aspects, the class was as organized as the face-to-face classroom but there were some differences that I observed.

· There was a lot of disruption during the class, some students were switching off their cameras for a few minutes which showed that they were off the class. Similarly, others were waking up and going to pick up a glass of water in the middle of the class. These disruptions were not witnessed in the physical K-12 classroom.

· Although the teacher was keen to deliver appropriate instructions and content, there was a lot of repetition as some students did not get what the teacher said.

· Students were disoriented and did not have as many questions as in the physical classroom.

Although the classes are similar in many aspects, time management was a major factor that is impacted by virtual learning because the teacher spends a lot of time calling the class in order and waiting for everyone to join the video conference. However, by the end of the class which was extended by 15 minutes all the learning objectives were achieved.

The Classrooms Assessment

Classrooms have a direct impact on understanding and the learning process. Traditionally, there were only physical classrooms, but virtual classrooms have also gained popularity. Looking at the physical class, I learned that these types of classrooms bring significant positivity to the learning practice and students in this setting are less distracted. One of the factors that I would attribute to this advantage is that students are surrounded by the academic environment, Moreover, I learned that not only books and lessons keep these students engaged but also peers, classroom decorations, and the behavior of the teacher play a vital role in keeping the students focused to learning.

Consequently, the virtual classroom did not provide the best environment for learning. Although this method has gained significant popularity since COVID-19, it has not yet met the standards of a physical classroom. As Chang et al. (2021) note, online learning can be affected by many factors’ distractions, and motivational problems. As we have identified in the virtual class these are some of the effects of online learning that make it difficult for students to focus.

Thus, from the two classes, I would recommend physical classes because of their effectiveness and promotion of real-time educational practices. However, with improved measures, virtual classes can come in handy because they provide students with a safe learning environment, flexibility and they are cost-effective. Nonetheless, they need some polishing to be fully implemented mostly for young learners because they are ineffective.


Chang, J. Y. F., Wang, L. H., Lin, T. C., Cheng, F. C., & Chiang, C. P. (2021). Comparison of learning effectiveness between physical classroom and online learning for dental education during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Journal of dental sciences16(4), 1281-1289.

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