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Evaluate the theory of Transformational Learning. Have you experienced transformation through learning? If you have, describe your experience. If you have not, then create and describe a s

 Please answer each question in complete paragraph. Do not repeat the questions. All answers should be followed by a reference    


Evaluate the theory of Transformational Learning. 

Have you experienced transformation through learning?  If you have, describe your experience.  If you have not, then create and describe a scenario where you could experience transformational learning.


Approaches to Sexuality Education

This week we will read about approaches to sexuality education.  There are many reasons for the need for sexuality education some of which are included below:

1. Parents/caregivers indicate a desire to communicate better with their children and adolescents about all aspects of sexual health and values.

2. Parents/caregivers indicate a concern over the consequences of sexual activity

3. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are also a concern for those raising children and adolescents

4. Awareness of sexual abuse, though somewhat controversial in the sex education arena, is another need

Create an informational letter to the parents inviting them to a workshop that you will be hosting on Sexuality Development. In your letter provide information and highlight some facts that would be beneficial for parents know (ensure that your retrieved information is properly cited), share a list of topics that you will be addressing and offer a rationale for why (Ex: Social Learning Theory and Moral Development Theory), and provide some resources for them just in case they would like to do their own research. You may include hotlines, links to videos, pamphlet url etc.


Divorce Session: You have been selected as a facilitator for a session during a Premarital Workshop. The subject of your session, you've just learned is "Divorceproofing Your Marriage".  You will need to, of course, prepare to lead the Week 6 breakout session during this Premarital Workshop, so you begin to research information on risk-factors of divorce, ways to avoid divorce,  normative and nonnormative family stressors, how divorce impacts the family, children of divorce and the list goes on.  You decide to focus on "Normative and Nonnormative Family Stressors and the Impact For Divorce".

For this week's discussion:

For the purpose of planning and meeting the requirements of this week's discussion, list and describe the 10 Key Strategies to Understanding and Minimizing Stressors Within A Marriage & Divorceproofing Your Marriage" (this would be a list that you have created as a result of your research). Please ensure that you provide support of these strategies.  As you read through the lists posted by your peers, please present questions to them that will in turn help them to refine and gain an even deeper understanding of these strategies and the impact of divorce.


Poverty is perhaps the root cause of most stress within families and children.  Review this website National Center for Children in Poverty (n.d.)

Use the State profile tool to find out how poverty affects the children in your state. Expand the conversation about children in poverty in your state, using the NCCP website and at least one other source. Why would poverty impact stress in nearly all situations within the family? What are the possible causes of poverty and solutions? How does poverty impact education?

· Align your posting to the discussion rubric and make sure you support your writing with facts.  Your writing cannot be solely opinion.

· Do not copy the question back into your reply.


National Center for children in Poverty (n.d.) State demographic profiles. Retrieved from


select one of the questions commonly asked by children. Share with us the question, and a child-friendly (Child Life) response to that question. Be careful to create a script guideline that offers open ended questions for the child, and to give only the information being asked for by the question. This may change based on the child but when open ended questions are used, the child's responses will guide our responses & additional open ended questions.

Second, reflect on how easy or difficult answering the question was for you. With open ended questions, does answering the child's question make it easier or more challenging to separate your own feelings from those the child may be experiencing? 


what are some of the problems children face when they grow up in poverty? (For example, the impact of poverty on the health, nutrition, and safety of children.) What are the long term effects of poverty and what outcomes might a child face without effective intervention?

Discuss at least 2 ways a child's development is impacted when they grow up in a violent home.


Topic A: Morality Without God? 

Watch the two videos by Stephen Darwall and discuss whether you find his arguments convincing or if you see some holes or flaws. If so, discuss those flaws. If not, discuss what some of the ramifications can be of his conclusions. Please try to find some scholarship to back up your assertions.


Part 1 Review policies on plagiarism and use of AI (Artificial Intelligence). 

Please read these policies that apply to your work in this class (linked below). After you have read them, indicate in your post that you have done so. You can say something like "I have read the policies on plagiarism and AI and agree to follow them." 

· Policy on plagiarism

· Policy on AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Part 2 Explore your research guide

Go to the  research guide for your program/major (or one that interests you, if you are undecided on your major). Name the guide and tell us what you learned from your research guide. 


Part 3 Choose your topic

Start thinking about a topic that you would like to explore in this course. Your topic should be something that interests you as you will be working with the topic for your upcoming assignments, including the final paper. It's best if your topic is related to your program (field of study). 

If you look at the final paper assignment, you will see that you are going to be exploring a problem. How will you approach your topic looking at it as a problem? The sample in the assignment can help you.

In your initial post, describe the topic and how you might explore this problem.




In this week discussion provide an overview of the topic at hand and provide the context for the subsequent discussion. Discuss following questions in your post and provide APA formatted references.

1. What are few prevalent methodologies used in social engineering attacks?

2. How has social engineering evolved over time?

3. What are the prevention techniques, and how effective are they?

4. What are many techniques that people and organizations may use to mitigate the risk of social engineering attacks?

5. To what extent may the promotion of awareness and education contribute to the prevention of a given issue?

6. What are the repercussions or outcomes that arise as a result of certain actions or events in both social engineering and counter-social engineering

7. Do social engineering assaults possess the potential to generate societal ramifications? If affirmative, in what manner may this be accomplished?


What are the essential components of a national strategic document? How does the current National Security Strategy of the United States of America specifically address homeland security and homeland defense?


Topic A: Physician Assisted Suicide

Some people promote the idea that humans should have the right to die with dignity (see  ). Several states have legalized physician-assisted suicide (PAS). However, others may argue that a doctor prescribing a deadly prescription violates that doctor's Hippocratic Oath or claim that suicide by any means is immoral. Doing research and taking into consideration the actual laws concerning when and how a confirmed terminal patient would be able to request PAS, make an argument that it is or is not a moral action. Also see if you can find Kant's famous argument on the immorality of suicide. Does he have a point or are there just some times when the morally right thing to do is to allow a person to end his or her suffering? 


In the news we are constantly hearing about security breaches, invasion of personal privacy, and the increasing prevalence of our digital footprint. The increased availability of digital information presents concerns and challenges of privacy, accuracy, intellectual property rights, security, and censorship. As a global citizen, you need to be aware of these issues and how they impact your life (CO6).


Your instructor will set-up two (2) conversation groups this week in which you will select one topic to discuss which interests you.

· Conversation Group: Privacy

· Privacy, as it relates to social media, video surveillance, drones, digital footprint or other topics as they relate to digital privacy.

· How does the electronic environment impact one’s right to privacy?

· Conversation Group: Security

· Security, as it relates to social media, video surveillance, drones, digital footprint or other topics as they relate to digital privacy.

· How does the electronic environment impact one’s personal security?


In a seamless posting, please incorporate the following into your initial posting:

Under the heading method and design in your research proposal regardless of the method/approach used qualitative, quantitative, or mix methods, you will need to discuss the data collection instrument (tool) you propose to use to gather data. The word instrument is the general term that researchers use for a measurement device (survey, questionnaire, test, interview, observation, etc.). Discuss the instrument you intend to use in your research proposal and how you intend to address the instrument's validity and reliability noting the different types of each.


What is financial risk management, and why is it important for businesses and organizations?

Can you provide examples of different types of financial risks that organizations commonly face, such as market risk, credit risk, and operational risk? Why would these be important to understand as managers?

How do economic conditions and market fluctuations impact the level of financial risk that organizations must manage, and how can they prepare for these changes?

What is the role of financial derivatives and hedging strategies in mitigating financial risks, and what are their potential benefits and drawbacks?

How does globalization and international expansion affect the complexity of financial risk management for multinational corporations?

How can financial risk management contribute to better decision-making and long-term sustainability for businesses?


Define and discuss the concept of patient experience and satisfaction. How is it measured?


What are your feelings towards jazz music. What do you think about when you hear jazz music. 

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