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Respond to two of your colleagues by sharing ideas for how shortcomings discovered in their evaluations and/or their examples of incivility could have been managed more effectively. Min 2 r

Respond to two of your colleagues by sharing ideas for how shortcomings discovered in their evaluations and/or their examples of incivility could have been managed more effectively.

Min 2 resources

Peer 1 

Melanie Waychoff

Main Post

       Emory University scored an 86 on the Clark Healthy Workplace Inventory. This means that my workplace is moderately healthy with room for improvement in three distinct areas. The first area is members of the workplace all living by a shared vision. While a lot of the members do live by the shared vision of the hospital, a lot more are detached from the vision. My workplace also rated low in active engagement in shared governance. Most members of the health system do not participate in any form of policy implementation or review.  Lastly, Emory scored low for workload being reasonable, manageable, and distributed fairly (Clark Healthy Workplace Inventory, 2015). This could stem from the national nursing shortage since the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery efforts should be investigated in this area.  

       Emory is a moderately civil workplace with big improvements needed in ensuring all members are participating in the organization’s shared vision and the workload being distributed fairly. Incivility at work affects all nurses adversely, yet newly licensed RNs (NLRNs) are especially susceptible to its consequences in their work environment (McDermott et al., 2021). The phrase that all of us seasoned nurses heard when starting our nursing career, “nurses eat their young”, was truer than we ever realized. It is imperative that adage be retired entirely because that kind of incivility is not good for the patients, the nurses, or the organization. Those who endure lateral violence suffer notable adverse emotional and physical outcomes. Around one-third of novice nurses exit their profession within the initial three years of practice, citing lateral hostility as a key reason (Hover & Williams, 2022). If we do not welcome the next generation of nurses instead of running them off, then the profession we know, and love will crumble to something unrecognizable.

       When I was a new nurse, it was truly a “nurses eating their young” type environment. I was subject to nurse bullying and incivility daily. Nurse bullying refers to repetitive actions, either physical or verbal, aimed at harming a colleague, and are unwelcome in nature and has been an issue in healthcare for forty years (Phan & Hampton, 2022). Nurse bullying is a form of workplace incivility, and it took a long time for me to step forward and put into words how I was being treated. There was this one nurse who took me under her wing and showed me patience, kindness, and trained me into the amazing nurse I am today. She advocated for me and had the offenders brought up on disciplinary action as well as mandatory workplace training before they were permitted to return to work. I have personally seen improvements in nurse incivility over the years, but I will always protect our young the way my friend protected me when I was new and vulnerable.


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Peer 2

Catherine Ndidiamaka Omeihe

Hello Class,

Workplace Environment Assessment

In all professional settings, there exists a diversity of individuals, each with their unique upbringing, beliefs, and traits. To foster a positive and harmonious work culture, colleagues must cultivate a sense of friendliness and teamwork, working towards a shared objective (Clark, 2019). Such acts of kindness and consideration, along with mentorship, fairness, mutual respect, and cooperation, are essential components of civility. However, achieving civility is not always easy as some employees may be hesitant or fearful of being civil, believing that it will diminish their respect among peers.

In my current working organization, employees do not have a shared vision of achieving organizational goals; some employees are less concerned about the targets, but they represent the minority. The level of trust in my workplace is not what anyone would expect from colleagues with whom you work daily. The level of insecurity is so high that staff rarely believe in each other and feel unsafe to leave cash on unlocked drawers. Insincerity in communication, where members of staff give false information about each other, is an indication that there is no transparency (Lee et al., 2021). Staff, however, are respectful but depending on whom they are addressing, with junior staff facing more hostility and only senior staff being respected. The organization is great in terms of performance and quality of services provided; many employees recommend the quality of service provided to their relatives and family members.

Personal achievements are great for the organization as a whole when employees are working for a company. Bearing that improved skills and knowledge will be used to provide better services in the company, the organization rarely celebrates personal achievements. Discrimination among employees is always evident, with some not receiving congratulations after achievements and others not receiving congratulation notes. Morale among employees is lower due to discrimination; some group of employees feels inferior and less important due to discrimination. Lack of motivation among junior employees makes them feel out of place. The leadership in the organization is never collaborative, and joint decision making is never done, with employees being given targets without proper consultation (Behie et al., 2023). Transfers to new branches without prior notice to ensure employees are ready to move to new working stations. The senior staff does not play their role in mentoring programs; most junior employees face discrimination in the training process, which makes them quit the organization for one year, and the presence of poor mentorship makes only the veterans dominate in the management positions with no fresh people in the company. Employees’ wellness and self-care are well emphasized by the management, although the workload is never fairly distributed, with some departments having too much work and others too little.

The incivility in my workplace is at almost all levels of management, with employees suffering from the culture. Increased in rudeness at work increases as there is no teamwork, making or workplace sometimes hostile. Incivility has spread in our workplace, with employees rarely using words like please, am sorry and thank you. This culture and trend have made our workplace more civil. The management is doing little to unite and make employees equal, and therefore, the situation does not change anytime soon.


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