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Is there a culture of plagiarism?

 Please answer each question in complete paragraph. Do not repeat the questions. All answers should be followed by a reference   


Complete the following by clicking the link:

What is Plagiarism?

Once you have completed the video and answered the 8 multiple-choice questions, participate in the discussion of plagiarism.

The focus of the discussion: "Is there a culture of plagiarism?"


Do women enjoy resistance training or working out


Chapter 3 is the long road that begins after the last casserole dish is picked up — when the outside world stops grieving with you. Mary wanted to reassure her family, friends and herself that she was on the fast track to closure. This was exhausting. What she really needed was to let herself sink into her sadness, accept it. When I suggested a support group, Mary rejected the idea. But I insisted. She later described the relief she felt in the presence of other bereaved parents, in a place where no acting was required. It was a place where people understood that they didn't really want to achieve closure after all. To do so would be "to lose a piece of a sacred bond."

Consider your own expectations for grief – and how long is "too long" to grieve loss or change. Is there a timeline in your mind? Or within your local community? Share some ideas on how we change the community mindset on time lines and grief – or share with individuals that what they're experiencing, even if not what the community says is "typical", actually is?


what are the top 3 causes and/or risk factors associated with poverty, homelessness, and teen pregnancy?

What do they have in common?

Why do you think those 3 issues tend to "overlap"?

What do you think needs to change in our society for those issues to be dealt with effectively?


Data preparation is a step in the research process most of us who do not often do research forget must be done. Outliers, incomplete interviews and other considerations apply even in qualitative research. What are the pragmatic aspects of data preparation; in other words, why must it be done? When collecting data at the qualitative level, how do we know when saturation has been reached?

Finally, this week, identify the analytical frameworks. Does one hold more appeal to you than another; in what way? 


Topic A: Physician Assisted Suicide

Some people promote the idea that humans should have the right to die with dignity (see  ). Several states have legalized physician-assisted suicide (PAS). However, others may argue that a doctor prescribing a deadly prescription violates that doctor's Hippocratic Oath or claim that suicide by any means is immoral. Doing research and taking into consideration the actual laws concerning when and how a confirmed terminal patient would be able to request PAS, make an argument that it is or is not a moral action. Also see if you can find Kant's famous argument on the immorality of suicide. Does he have a point or are there just some times when the morally right thing to do is to allow a person to end his or her suffering? 


Describe the concept and intent behind fusion centers and explain what you consider to be the primary benefits offered to the homeland security enterprise. Provide examples of associated programs and projects currently associated with intelligence and information sharing at the federal, state, or local level.


As you build your human relations skills, it is very important to establish an acute sensitivity to the impact communication has on your interpersonal relationships at home and at work. Human relations communication starts with your desire to connect with another person. Sometimes, connecting can be a challenge with technologies such as email, instant messaging, text messaging, and forms of social media. These modes of technology make it difficult to read non-verbal cues. We continue to be dependent on relationships for people, processes, and technology to give us our best results.

how can we improve communications with each other in a world filled with technology that often results in physical isolation? Be creative in your answer!


1) Identify and discuss the constitutional protections afforded people accused of crimes. How did those protections evolve?  Outline how these protections might be different, if at all, from other points in the past.

2) Relying on resources that you acquire from the APUS library, evaluate the effectiveness of those protections.  Among these protections, which do you believe is the most important?  Why? 

3) How did conducting library research help you to reach this conclusion?  Analyze how you applied critical thinking and legal analytical skills to assist you in this regard.  What do you think you do well and what would you like to strengthen so that you continue to improve?   

4) Do you think those accused of a crime are given too many rights? What other rights do you think those people accused of crimes should be given, if any?  Why? 

5) Collaborate with each other as the week goes on to make all aspects of this Discussion as robust as possible.


Part I

This segment of the discussion asks you to examine due process. The Due Process Clause is a guarantee of basic fairness. Fairness has many components to it. Here, please thoroughly discuss each of the following:

1. What are the various components of due process in criminal procedure?  In your response, include some examples of procedural protections that are afforded to individuals in a criminal case.

2. What is meant by "Fundamental Fairness"?

Part II

Please read the following fictional case scenario below. You will be using these facts over the next several weeks. The case heading and type of case is listed below.



Scott Mayo, Defendant



Scott Mayo worked as a bartender at The Local Watering Hole. One night at work, Scott got into an argument with Basil Scowen. Mayo owed Scowen $1500.00. The argument heated up and afterwards, Scowen picked up a beer bottle threateningly and appeared to be intoxicated, Mayo grabbed a pistol kept behind the bar and fired at Scowen, killing him. Mayo says Scowen told him, "I am going to kill you," and what he believed was imminent danger from Scowen.  

Mayo was placed under arrest. He was not read his rights. He was transported to the local county jail. The prosecution witnesses are the police officer, who came to the scene and took statements from Mayo, and a frequent bar customer, Dawn Dietz, who witnessed some of what happened. The defense witnesses are the defendant, Mayo, and Joe "the fireman", who was outside and saw some of the action through the window while sitting on the patio.

Based on the facts provided to you, if you are the prosecutor, with what crimes will you charge Mayo, using your own state law? Please discuss why in your response, providing a detailed analysis of how you reach your decision on the charge(s). 


Identify a patient safety issue, concern or problem.

Provide examples of structure, process, and outcome measures that the facility should monitor to improve this problem. These should be measurable so the way to describe them should be with a percentage, ratio, or count.

Describe how you would measure them and the results you would expect to see.


· How does economics apply to health care? In your own words how do you define health? Conduct a search for the term health from a public health source and choose the one that you think is the best. Provide the reference for this definition and elaborate on why you think this is the best definition.

· Explain how an increase in income would affect the level of health in a relatively affluent country like the United States compared to a relatively poor country like Haiti. Be specific regarding the various factors that influence health and how they may differ in these countries.

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