Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Prompt 1.1: Look over the major course themes and meta-topics in the chart below. Select at least one (1) major course theme and one (1) meta-topic for discussion. What is your take on how - Very-Good Essays

Prompt 1.1: Look over the major course themes and meta-topics in the chart below. Select at least one (1) major course theme and one (1) meta-topic for discussion. What is your take on how


Prompt 1.1: Look over the major course themes and meta-topics in the chart below. Select at least one (1) major course theme and one (1) meta-topic for discussion. What is your take on how these themes and topics are conveyed in the assigned short stories from Drown? Length of recording: three (3) minutes.

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Prompt 1.2: When linking Junot Díaz' Drown (1996) to a literary tradition, critics consider Drown as a sort of throwback to the Nuyorican literature of the 1950s and 1960s. In particular, Díaz' autobiographical collection of short stories is most often linked to Piri Thomas' Down These Mean Streets (1967): the first in a tradition of heart-wrenching memoirs portraying ghetto youth struggling against the conditions of life for urban Black and Latinx youth (Paravisini-Gebert 165).

  • Based on your own readings of the excerpt from DTMS and selected stories from Drown, in what ways are these texts linked and in dialogue (despite being published nearly thirty years apart)? Length of recording: two (2) minutes.


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🎧 Diario Vlog [DV]

The Diario Vlog is an individual audiovisual blog platform designed to archive your active reading experiences, inner thoughts, ideas and questions regarding a selection of required readings. The purpose of the DV is to capture a mental snapshot of your experience with a given text without having to present your ideas formally, or in writing. Your DV recordings are meant to be delivered informally, and you need not worry about perfecting and editing entries. Over time, the process of recording yourself speaking is intended to help gain practice in expressing yourself verbally in a digital medium for an online audience.

How it Works

The DV works as follows: after completing close readings of selections assigned as 🎧 [DV] on the detailed calendar of assignments, you will go to the Diario Vlog tab on Canvas and click on the indicated entry. There, you will be prompted to reflect on certain aspects of the text. DV entries will be visible to other members of the class for asynchronous comment and dialogue.

· Please note that audiovisual content is best uploaded to Canvas using Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers. Safari is incompatible. Prompts will appear on Canvas under each [DV] assignment five days prior to the assignment deadline. All assignment prompts can be found on the Diario Vlog Master Reference document.

How to Make a Recording

Prior to submitting your first [DV] assignment, it is important to familiarize yourself with the media recording tools on Canvas. These tools allow you to upload and post audiovisual content, written commentary and a variety of file types. You have several options for uploading content for your [DV] assignments.

Option 1: Record an audio message directly from the blog template by clicking the upload/record media button (musical note/play icon) on the bar pictured below.

Option 2: Record video message directly from the blog template by clicking the GauchoCast button (green icon) on the bar pictured below.

Time Limit:Recordings created within the Canvas blog template may have a time limit. If the assignment requires a specific number of minutes that you need to speak for, you may include multiple short recordings in your submission, as long as they add up to the specified time requirement. Each audio or video clip should be identified to avoid confusion (ex: audio clip #1, #2, #3). Always be sure to test your recording before submitting the assignment.

Option 3: Record an audio or video message from another device. Save the file and upload it to the blog template. Be sure to test your audiovisual file before submitting your post. For example, you can use the Voice Memo app on your iPhone to create and share a voice recording . This file can be uploaded to your [DV].

[DV] Assignment + Submission

When 📖[DV]appears on the calendario, this means that you will submit your blog post by 11:45 PM on the date indicated. You must complete the corresponding readings for each [DV] entry prior to recording and submitting your post.

Expectations: It is not necessary to overly-plan and perfect your recording before submitting. Think of this assignment as more of an internal dialogue (which you are privileging our class by sharing out loud). Let go of perfectionism and imagine you are expressing your thoughts and ideas to a friend or family member.

Format Reminder:You are only required to submit audio voice recordings for the Diario Vlog assignments. However, audiovisual submissions are welcome!


Your grade for each [DV] entry will be based on the following rubric:


Point Value: 10 pts.

It is clear from your recorded commentary that you have completed the assigned reading.

____________ / 2 points

It is clear from your commentary you have reflected on the reading and analyzed the content in a meaningful way.

____________ / 3 points

Your comments are original and respond to all parts of the prompt.

____________ / 3 points

You have provided details, references and textual evidence that support your ideas.

____________ / 2 points

Copyright & Intellectual Property: All lectures and materials created for this course are the intellectual property of Dr. Kiley Guyton Acosta and are protected by U.S. copyright law and University policy. Dr. Acosta is the exclusive owner of the copyright in those materials she creates. Recording class lectures is prohibited by any person other than Dr. Acosta. You may not reproduce, distribute or display (post/upload) course materials or allow others to do so without Dr. Acosta's express prior written consent.





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